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XJ900 Diversion Total electrical failure


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I have complete sudden electric failure on my 900 diversion, which I have owned from new. Nothing works. It failed when I pressed the starter button. The starter kicked then everything failed.

It's not the main fuse or any of the small fuses. The clock still works when ignition is off, but when turned on, the clock goes blank and nothing works.
When ignition is turned off, the clock resets to 1:00.

The battery is good. I bought a new ignition key switch, but the problem persists.

I have disconnected circuits one by one and can't find the problem. No obvious corrosion or chafing.

Clues: 1: both switches, including the brand new one, fail the test in manual page 7:31 para 4 continuity between red wire (power from battery) and blue red when turned on. Red to brown and all other tests are ok.

Is the manual wrong or are both switches bad?

There is 12.7 volts on red wire to the switch connector under the tank.

Clue 2: if I connect only one of the two connectors to the ignition switch, connecting only 2 wire connector with red to brown, the clock goes off when the key is turned . If only the 4 wires plug is connected the clock is unaffected. Nothing else works with any combination.

There is no heat, smell or indication of a short to earth and no fuses blow.

I am stuck, can you help?


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I can now answer my own query. I hope my experience might help others.

It was a combination of sudden battery failure and a bit of corrosion on the various plugs under the air box.

Symptoms: no electrical issue at all, 50 mile run, two hours later stone dead. I assumed failure of a component, fuse failure or short circuit.

In my chase round the circuits I was getting 12.6 volts each time I tested a connection so assumed battery was ok. It charged ok as was passed as OK by a smart charger.

After three days of fiddling and dismantling by chance I turned the key while the garage lights were off, and spotted a tiny glimmer on the neutral light, so some power was getting through.

A voltmeter on the battery showed 12.6 with key off but dropping to 2.1 when ignition turned on.

Jump connecting from a spare car battery showed normal neutral etc, and click from the relays. All circuits worked as I reassembled everything.

With a new battery everything now works as normal. The voltmeter test on the new battery showed 12.8 with ignition off dropping to 12.6 with ignition on but engine not running. There was no fault with the ignition switch so the diagnostic in the manual described in my original post appears to be incorrect.

Lesson learnt: don't assume the battery is good just because it was two hours ago and still shows good voltage. I could have saved a week's work by doing a better check on the battery.

Alan E

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nice one

Thanks for the update David and glad you got it sorted fella.

I had a similar issue a few weeks ago in work. Got on the bike to ride home and switched it on. All was ok until I pressed the starter and everything went off!

No lights, no clock, nowt. I though the same as you, main fuse blown or similar so took off the seat and had a look, but all seemed ok.

Because I have a rack and panniers on the 900s, taking off the side panels isn't as easy as it would be if they were not there ( even without the panniers the racks get in the way)

Anyhow, I managed to get my fingers onto the positive side of the battery and the lead was loose!! I gave it a turn which locked it sufficiently for the electrics to come back on and the bike started.

I rode home cautiously in case the dammed thing came loose again but thankfully it was fine until I could remove the rack & side panel to get to the battery and tighten the offending terminal.

Alan E


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You are a star

:D I have just had the same problem battery showed full fuses all fine, Put in google Yamaha XJ900 Diversion total electrical failure and you came up. Mate thanks for this people like you are just so so helpful.:hiya1:


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Hi all ,new to this forum, just joined so I can thank d ,for the electrical failure post, bike laser an MOT tow days ago, all good no sign of trouble, and Friday afternoon , pooff , electric is gone .
Now I know why . Thanks D.
PS I'm in south Wales , is there any club activities , I'll be happy to know.