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W.h.o.r.e. 2011


Club sandwich
Sorry to hear that Viking. Cold comfort, but at least she has you to ensure she won't suffer & you will have her lifetime to look back on & recall fondly.
Sorry you guys but I can't now make the trip. :mad:

I was in hospital twice at the end of March for eye operations and previously in July and November 2010. Whilst I'm now back on the bike I've lost my holiday entitlement as from the end of May and I have to work a few more days just to take my annual summer holidays in August without loss of holiday pay!

I was really wound up make the trip too.

I'll keep my smile, just he same.

BP :)
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hi peeps... due to various things.. I'm gonna head to this now.
Who else is going?
Are you boooking?


confirmed.. brians a no... so who else?
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your welcome on the email matey... thought you might like them boxes.

?15.. thats without me discount.. so, 2 of them should be about ?25..
depends on how generous the owner of the shop is feeling at the time.
I have a couple of things I need to take in to sell to him...
Including the ghillie jacket.
hi peeps... due to various things.. I'm gonna head to this now.
Who else is going?
Are you boooking?


confirmed.. brians a no... so who else?
I'm still on - I just need to get some new prescription glasses before the trip otherwise I could be in the same field as you guys and never know it :lol:. Maybe I could set up a tented workshop and synch everyone's carbs...:lol::lol::lol:.
Now theres an idea.... lmao :yo:

I'm going down on the friday, and staying until monday.. so 3 nights... thought it was better than just 1night...
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Starting to give some thought to how I'm going to lash my tent to the bike. Might get a cheap pop-up tent from Argos (?20) and have to check I've got a sleeping bag - not camped for several years - and never with a motorcycle (unless I count 'dossing out' with my biker mates once or twice 30 years ago :lol:).

Britchcombe Farm isn't it? I'll be going down on the Saturday and might stay the Sunday night too...just have to see how the old bones take it!

Lucky it wasn't this weekend - I'm feeling pretty ill - must have picked up a bug last week. The only thing that will stop me going is if the weather predicts it pissing down badly - I really don't fancy a long ride in the rain followed by a miserable night in wet clothes in a muddy field (I hope the biker gods will look down favourably on the inaugural W.H.O.R.E. meet :lol:).

I have space in the tent I'm taking.... also have the basha, that will be lashed to the tent porch to create more room, to sit under something dry should it start to rain.

Tent I;m taking is big enough to fit, me, the bike and a bed in.. lol.
but hodey hum.... not that heavy either, but well sturdy.
looking at taking as few things as possible, to keep the weight light.
Besides, theres a pub nearby.. :yo:

And yes wotist farm is the place. I've mapped it for me.. so shouldent be too bad.. lol.. bet we all see each other on the way.. well. apart from me as I'm heading down on the friday day. I just need some time away..
May even stay a few more days.. and come back mid week. OR.. pack up sunday and head down to devon for a day or 3..
This sounds interesting, myself and her indoors might consider this, are spaces to be booked in advance to make sure you get a pitch, is everyone pitching in the same area, never camped on a bike before so I'm a bit confused as to what you need to bring apart from tent and sleeping bags.

What is the basics you must have to get by for a couple of nights, bearing in mind I'm gonna have to buy all this gear, also what is a decent two person tent that packs well on a Divy?


nothing booked in advance.. we all just turn up.. lol --- yes we're pitching near each other.
Look out for the WHORE flag.. you'll find us.. lmao

Whatever tent you wanna take, and can fit on the divi..

cook stove, couple of mugs for brews...
kettle or pan to boil water in, pan if you wanna cook soup, beans, or somthing else.

Not sure pizza places deliver to camp sites.. lol.. we could try.. lmao.
fry pan for bacon and sausages for breakfast in the morning...

I take the following:-

1. brew kit - tea bags, milk powder, instant coffee, sugar,
2. cuttlery - 3 sporks 1 large sporks (couple of quid each from good camping shop.
3. Decent sleeping bag - I have a softie 10 with fleece liner for if it gets really cold.. like minus 14 degrees c.. lol
4. air bed
5. 3 x spare socks - nice when your soaked thru to have dry feet.
4. tent - I have several to choose from - one I'm taking this time is 6ft tall - 3-4 person, with a GOOD sized porch.
5. british army basha tarp with para cord and 2 large tent poles - used as an extra porch
6. british army poncho - used as a side to the porch
7. pack of bacon - frozen
8. pack of sausages - frozen
** frozen stuff lasts longer.. you can cook from frozen but not from manky
9. 2 x crusader cups (look up on google) I use these as pans to cook in.
10. good quality camping stove
11. 2 x 4 season gas canisters for stove both new
12. 3x plastic plates
13. softie suit - jacket and trousers - loverly and warm..mmmmm
14. pair of trousers - thin cotton.
14. 2x t shirts/ base layers
15. micro towel
16. small table - to put camping stove on
17. air bed inflator - new batteries
18. shoes/boots - basically a spare full set of clothing as listed above to wear and stay dry in.
19. water bottles for water
20 camel back for water.
21. kettle - this can be used on the camping stove, bonfire or ammo tin stove - since this camp site is allowing fires and selling wood.. mroe than likely use on the fire.
22. BEER - however, one tent is pitched, this can be brought in quantity back to the tent from local grocery store.

And thats pretty much all I take. theres a few odds and ends, like salt, condiments.. and a few ration packs.. just in case.
Again.. most food is bought there. I take an uncut loaf of bread - frozen, so it doesent crush... and make toast.

It all depends on how comfortable you wanna be, how much you can or want to carry on your divi.
I'm on a 900 and theres just me.. so I have bags of room, but dont use it all.
Stuff sacks, come in handy and can be bought for a few pounds.. they squish down clothing allowing more room.

I tend to make modifications to my kit, when I find out how good or bad it is, and then make it better.
Hope some of that helps.. but remember I've been camping off and on for a number of years........ so I've managed to get the kinks outta my stuff.
Should be fun watching me pitch a 2 person pitch tent with just me. lol

and I'm staying 3 nights
Sorry to be a party pooper, but I won't be getting to the W.H.O.R.E. meet after all. To all those that do go, have a great time and may the sun shine! :yo: