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Night Riding Glasses


New Member
Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with night riding/driving glasses/goggles/etc...?

i've been toying with the idea of getting some as i have to ride home in the dark this time of year, mostly down poorly illuminated dual carriageways & totally unilluminated country roads!
Plus the glare from oncoming headlights, especially when its raining, can be a right pain! :(

Brian Paddick

Active Member
As I suffer from sensitive retinae I have anti glare coating on my glasses. It's a bluey/green colour which cuts down 10% of night time bright light glare, including street lamps.

You may need to upgrade your headlamp perhaps? Just a thought. :blind:

BP :)


New Member
Use the amber glasses, they are wrap arounds.. ICE army ones.
with 3 lenses.
Use the dark for sunny days and then swap the amber in for evening and night riding, it cuts down the bright headlights of cars, so your not blinded when they are heading towards you.

Especially the new ones with the really bright led lights.

And as Brian says, upgrade the bulb.
I;ve gone up to one of those.... Phillips super bright thingy ones.. lol
and I've also added spots on the engine bars.
Came in really handy riding at depths of night on parts of the motorways.
Also pissed drivers off who DONT switch their full beam off heading to wards you.. and also the ones coming up behind you, then over take you, but never put their full beam off.
I just blast them with those.. and burn their shadow away.. lol


New Member
yea, it's mainly the oncoming car headlights that are the pain... when it's just me on the road, i can see the road fine as my headlight seems to be pretty good, especially on full beam :)

thanks for the replies, i'll have a bit more of a look into it i think... might even experiment with some! :)