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Newbies......Say Hello Here


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Hi everbody:hiya1: Rob from gravesend in kent. just bought my first divvy and loving it! bright red, four into one stainless pipe, loadsa history all for a few hunded quid cant be bad! will post pics once i've sorted the fairing:)
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Posted my hello in the wrong place

Hi Again
I posed my newbie post in the general chat area. Didnt know it was supposed to go here.

This is my Diversion. Had it 2 week, cost me 1500 quid and its a minter but the photo is a bit crap.


Came with new tyres, new motads and Krauser panniers (not shown....... Panniers that is, tyres and exhaust are definitely there)
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New bike

Hi all
I just got back into biking and have bought a 2003 xj900 diversion. Have to say I love it. Only one niggle is there anyway to stop windnoise and blast on my helmet when i close my visor? Or is it I'm a bit short at 5'7 and thats why?
It great with visor open even at 70.

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:hiya1: Nick T is a newbie....returning to biking after 30 years with a '97 Divvy 600....looks like a good club to be in....loads of useful info....pic's to follow


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Oi, oi folks. Just joined the forum and got loads of help already whoop!! Ive an xj 600 s 99 model which is currently under going a good pimping so Ill get a before and after image up once its all up and going.


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Running an almost open system

I have recently bought a Diversion 900 1998, which i have spent the winter dismantling re painting and customising. i will add pictures soon. I have removed the air box and the MOTAD exhausts which have been replaced with race filters and barely legal silencers (they are baffled but not a great deal), i have increased the size of the main jets and moved the needle position, but am still having problems when the bike goes over 3500 rpm it starts spluttering and loses power, am i going to need to increase the sixe of the pilot jets as well. Does anyone know what rev range is with what jet? Or any fix for this issue?:smiley_ba


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Hi all, :hiya1: I am andy from cobham in Surrey, been back on to wheels for 18 months now after 35 years, always had bikes when I was younger, worked for a local motorcycle firm in them days repairing + road testing motorcycles, anyway, just sold my Chinese inport bike :headsmash & bought a 1996 xj600N diversion :) 34k miles, done all the usual bits / checks on it, love the low + mid range power of it, just love it. Will submit picture soon.


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XJ900S Diversion

Hi All, Just returned after around 35 years of being away from biking. Got myself a 900 Diversion as a friend had one and I was very impressed with its simplicity and size.



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Hi all from Glos,
After much searching and heartache, finally found the bike of my dreams!
R Reg, FSH, only 13k miles and showroom condition, full luggage set and lower fairing, last owned by a lovely chap who'd cherished it. Only quibble is the windscreen, will be replacing it with a Skidmarx fairly soon. Currently commuting to Cheltenham on a daily basis but looking forward to longer runs this summer.

I am down your way(ish). Over in the Forest Of Dean. I friend of mine here also has a Diversion :)

We will have to get together for a drink/chat.



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West Midlands Noob

Hi, I'm Neil (Bezza)
I'm 47 and have recently swapped my 1999 Suzuki GSX750F for a 1996 XJ900S..GSX was a good bike, but age and arthritis didn't like the riding position..
My XJ has done over 70,000 but still pulls well...and is soooooo comfy, like sitting in an armchair...Lucklily she came with full Givi luggage and heated grips, so touring should be a breeze..
Owned bikes since i was 18, but had a break for 5 years due to an ex wife that had a theory that OUR income was HER's and her's alone!!!!!!!!

Needless to say she has gone, and a bike re-instated..


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hi one and all

Hello. Im new to this site. I have registered as I have bought a 95 diversion for an absolute bargain. I am almost finished its restoration and I am likely to need some help as I approach the finish line. I will upload some pics in the owners and their bikes section, all opinions/suggestions welcome :)


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Hi newbie here

Hi just got my first XJ900 Diversion T reg. Been on bikes for 34 years, on my 64th bike at the moment. Got the XJ after my 1200 Bandit got nicked (my first loss in 34 years). Its got 51000 on the clock runs like new, only paid 750 quid , the bloke I got it off said it had stood for 12 months and needed a good clean. One hot jet wash later and the carbs cleaned out and balanced there she was,flew through the mot and on the road. See you out their. Jimmy.


adam j

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my xj 600

hi guys here,s a pic of my baby in need of some tlc at the moment , replacing damaged front wheel , fork seals , & new pads all round , not my biggest yam to date but bad back forced sale of my xjr 1300 . at 51 im GETTING TOO OLD . too many broken bones , drunk driver hit me back in the 80,s never really recovered properly , but still manage to ride in summer , dont laff , bloody hurts in winter !!!!!!!!!! :lol::violin:


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New to the forum.

Morning all ,(well it is when posting this !),I recently acquired a 6oo Diversion and what a great bike ! , I found it so good I purchased a 900 and that is even better . I have had sports bikes , Brit iron , Italian , e.t.c.the last being an F J 1200 that are great bikes too , The Divvy's have a load of character and above all they are fixable , I will post pics as soon as i get the confuser to accept my camera or phone pics, no techno wizard here but working on it .Thanks , Ian. ( 59 and holding....).


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Hi all,a quick hello to all. I picked up a 1 owner 1996 diversion 900 a couple of weeks ago with a full service history. Getting used to the size but enjoying the torque and power, pulls like a train. Can't wait till some better riding weather in spring.