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Meet in Scotland


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Derek, I know you posted elsewhere that Andyr and Tom Gray live not far away from you, hope you do all get together for a meet. Pictures please if you do! Not everyone likes riding in groups, mind - or they could just be shy. :blush:

Until we get up to critical mass here, though, you could also try posting in the Oracle Central open invitation ride-outs section.

Personally, I'd love to come up for a blat about some of the roads there - but not till it gets a bit warmer! Next year maybe? ;)


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Hi there,

maybe we could meet up for chat sometime. although it's getting a bit late in the year now for me to be riding much;). I know, but I admit to being a wimp:D .

I must confess that I prefer to ride alone, but it would be good to meet up sometime, maybe for a cuppa?



Derek Matheson

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Hi Andy

Yes I'm a good weather biker also.

Would like to meet some time possibly between Speyside and Drumnadrochit, Aviemore say during a good weekend or so.

Have been working on the bike tonght.

Good to hear from you


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Sounds good if I can find the time (usual story:eek: ).

Derek and I know whereabouts we both are but where abouts are you Highlander, anywhere in the Inverness area perhaps?



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hi. i live in perth and bought my diversion 2 weeks ago. have been looking for a meeting place for bikers in perth but have had no luck. would like to meet up, both me and my fiance enjoy biking very much. look forward to hearing from you.


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Hi Derek

I have just become a member but iam riding my divvi 900 up to Oban on the 12th August with a mate on a 1200 bandit (previous divvi owner) and will be up there for about a week and would welcome any meets or rides out while iam there. So depending on when & where, maybe we can sort something out.:)