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Main Stand Blues

Does anybody know where I can buy a main stand for my 900 Diversion, it seems to be an impossible task and finding the Holy Grail would be easier. A new one might be the answer or does anybody know if any other stand from the Yamaha range would fit the Diversion.
good luck with that one... I had an acquaintance who offered to take mine, and start making some. He had his own small engineering firm.. but no one on the forum was bothered.
Mine is still off the bike, and waiting for me to weld a couple of bits on to strengthen it
I have a 16 year old xj900s.
I had the same problem last year when I took the centre stand off to give it a coat of Hammerite. It came off in two pieces!!!
The centre curved section had rusted to the point of collapse.
A piece of metal plate welded across the two legs solved the problem.