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Haynes manual vs CD and years covered


I very recently bought a 2003 XJ900S Diversion
I always like to have a manual, so I've been looking...
The Haynes only claims to cover up to 2001; is that a problem ?
Was there a model change ?

There are CDs, I assume copies of the Yamaha Dealer's CD on e-bay that
claim to cover "post '95".
Are these useful or not usable by normal people ?
(I have a BMW one for my Dakar and it's OK but does 'talk in BMW speak'...

P.S. Before I get a manual, what is the purpose of the grey, rubber bung in the engine-end of the drive shaft cover ?
I was expecting a grease nipple, but it just shows me the coupling.
Why would I want to see that ?

Hello Mike

Can't answer your question about the Manuals as mine is a 2000 model so the Haynes covers it.

I haven't got a CD version as I have always found the Haynes covers 'most' of the jobs you need to do, bearing in mind it is a Haynes so doesn't always go into as much detail as you would like sometimes! and if I get stuck, the folks on here are usually very knowlegable and willing to help.

Re the bung! It is for if you ever have to remove the final drive shaft (as I did last week to investigate a worrying whine).

When you undo the four nuts holding the final drive housing, the shaft comes away with the drive. To aid installation you remove the bung which enbles you to gain access to the universal joint. This helps you to locate the end of the drive shaft into the UJ.

Alan E:D