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Dragon Rally Feb 2011

lol....just think of the fun.. getting snowed in in the middle of nowhere...

mmmm.. now I'm thinking maybe I should take the dog.. at least that way I can get towed out.

(just to explain, I have a large alaskan malamute sled dog..)
doing the same here matey... side road is skidy as hell.. back alleyway totally blocked.
The main road is almost totally covered.
Thank god, morrisons is only a 5min walk across the road.. lol
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to this... that I cant wait to get christmas over and done with.
Not my fave time of the year anyway.. since its just me and doglet..
Whhhhhhhhhhoooo hoooooooooooo

Got my letter today... about where the control tent is and where the Field that we;re camping in is!!!!

not long to go now....