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Dragon Rally Feb 2011

hey peeps.. whose tufff and brave enough to do the 50th ever Dragon rally in Feb 2011???
The weekend after is my 39th birthday, so I'll be having a bit of a birthday dooo.. at the dragon.. might even imbide several beers.. lol


Just checked dates... 12th feb... my birthday is the 15th..
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Nice one... lol

I cant find a bloody cheque book.. lol.. heading to the bank in a min to get a temp one to send off.
Then I will be booked.. heeheee

I already have the bbq bucket tested and ready for there.. I got a shed load of bbq stuff from tesco and wilkos in the last of the sales.. got 3kg bag of bbq brickettes for 49p... so bought 12 of em.. got the bucket for ?1.. also lighters and special BIG matches.. for 80p..
And got 2 disposable bbq's for 48p.. yes 2 for 48p.. heehee..
All I need now is a trip to makro closer to the time to get a big bag of frozen sausages.. then sorted for food whilst there.

If it works out well, I'll take the same thing to the Annual divi owners/riders camping meet.. lol
you know im really quite envious. dont know if id fancy it on the 600N but planning on getting a DR350 as soon as work picks up so count me in for the 51st :yo:


weave,,, go on.. you know you want to..,,. and you get a wee ickle dram in the welcome pack along with the badge and a patch.

mm DR350.. thats going to be a bitch to kick up in the cold, frosty, possibly snowy morning... heeheee...
Oh how I love my electric leg.. lmao
JUST found the business chequebook... lol
Since the banks are phasing out cheques, they wont do the odd one.. so they are sending me yet another book out.. so another 60cheques i wont use.

Who does it need to be payed to? Anyone?
ignore that last one... re-read the main page....

and.. Be carefull you dont miss it... Saw this on the dragon rally page..

Entry to the Rally is entirely at your own risk​

Please note tickets have only been for sale for one week​

Allready rally half full​