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Diversions in Brittany

Here's me and a friend at Ste Anne d'Auray in southern Brittany today.

We're members of an all-bike Forum of Brit Bikers in Brittany. Monthly run-outs are the norm. and weekend events further away in the Summer. :yo:

Way to go..........! :D

BP :)
I like bikes with red wheels Alan............

and the monoshock (Betor)..........

and insignia..........

and there's this..........

My GT550 Suzukis, note the left hand 'special', err...... red wheels. ;)

(don't tell Bimbler it's not a Divvy :lol: )

BP :)
Ha I see what you mean Brian. The Betor shock is the same as the one I have just bought for the 900s, and yes it is a lovely red.

The GT550's bring back some happy memories matey. I has a CB550k3 Honda back in the late 70's and a mate of mine had a GT550 Suzuki. Usually I was trailing behind the two stroke following the clouds of blue smoke and the smell of Cazzy R.

Nice one