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Boundary 500 Challenge 2007


Just thought that this may be of interest to some of you.

On the 16th June 2007 there is a motorcycle ride out called the Boundary 500 Motorcycle Challenge. It basically breaks down to a 500 mile ride around the boundary of the Great North Air Ambulance's area of operations.
The ride starts from Stockton -On-Tees from 6.30am & the route goes to Berwick -on-Tweed, across to Whitehaven, down to Barrow - in-Furness, over to Skipton and on to Scarborough, before turning North again to finish at Hurworth Grange near Darlington.

It is a sponsored ride and the minimum sponsorship is ?50 per person, all funds going to help the Air Ambulance.
More details can be had from visiting the website www.boundary500.co.uk or mailing the organiser- Brian Laverick at brian.laverick@ntlworld.com

There will be camping & breakfast facilities available for those wanting to arrive on Friday & stay over on Saturday night after the ride.


Club sandwich
Just reading about this from a link elsewhere, looking for the right place to post all about it on here. Must pay more attention. :eek:

Raising money for an essential service - what better excuse for a ride? :)