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Abba stand, kit

I've recently acquired about an abba stand for my xj900 but was told you can't get a fitting kit for this bike, has anyone any ideas on how to lift the bike up as I don't have a centre stand. Cheers karl
I've used a paddock stand in the past that I borrowed from a mate whilst awaiting the strengthening of a replacement second hand centre stand I had bought off e-bay. Worked well for me.
Thanks for the replys, I have a paddock stand from my last bike but that was a chain drive, I can't see how you can use it on a shaft drive.
Eh up matey

Apologies for the dealy I've been without access to a 'puter' for a while. I had no issues with using the paddock stand on mine with the shaft drive, I just used the axle nut to locate the stand under.

You have to be a bit careful obviously not to rock the machine too much as there's not a lot of nut, but it worked for me.


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Abba sell "footrest adaptors" which you can use on the Diversion. I use mine on an Abba Sky Lift. Unscrew one of the bolts on the footrest plate (I use the upper one) and replace with the adaptor. I had to remove the footrest to get my stand to line up.