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A new reason to go for a ride...


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A little idea that we have been working on.

Web Riders

The place for the Internet Rideout for Motorcyclists

On any weekend the roads are full of motorcyclists riding alone for the pure pleasure of the ride.
Even though they have enjoyed the ride the end result can be unsatifactory because the ride was aimless.This is one of the major draw backs with riding alone.

The Idea.....

Every Saturday or Sunday or weekend will be the time for a run.
Every run starts when you want and from your home.
Every run goes wherever you want.
It can be just a ride with NO actual destination
It can be 10 miles or 100 miles.
It can be alone or with a mate, or arrange to meet other "Web Riders" at various locations.
There are NO restrictions, anyone from anywhere on any machine is welcome to join in. Just remember to take some digital photos at some point and post 'em here.

The Aim....

To come together at the end of the day as a friendly community and to share the photos and adventures of that day. Preferably the bike must be in the picture as well.
To share comments and friendly banter about our photos and two wheeled adventures of the day.

The Advantages....

1.Riders from the quieter areas of the country or the world can feel to be part of a community.
2.You can ride at your own speed.
3.When you want and how ever far you want.
4.If the weather is bad then you stay at home.
5.Not forgetting the main advantage - making new friends.

So if you wanna give it a go, then feel free to join us and make comments. As many of you already know, we're all equal here and you will always get a warm welcome.

Presently on the new Yamaha RD site...


Please register for the worlds first "web Riders" event....
Details on the Forum here...
You will have to register. Hope to see some of you. All are welcome.

The idea is too roll out on making it a weekly event with a few "treasure hunt" style tasks being added.

I hope the above might be of interest to some of you and that you will join in at some point, both on a ride and with the picture's. This isn't my idea (I'm not that bright!) but as a member of the above forum I am simply spreading the word.



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So are they actually part of the Yamaha RD Club then, Andy? 'cos a quick Google for "web riders" brought up pages about website design, computer repair, Sprites (?), but not a lot about bikes. :dunno:

Anyhow, now that the weather should be warming up - eventually, sometime, I hope - you'll see a few more open invite rideouts from us posted on bikersoracle central. Work permitting I'm always up for a meet / coffee / bacon buttie / rideout from Ryka's, if anyone's down my way ever. With BikersOracle and my local IAM group occasionally, I do as much group riding as I can fit in, I think. Now if someone were gracious enough to offer to fund my retirement.... :D


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Well, hopefully you followed the link and got onto the site OK? Why you got the other stuff off of Google I have no idea but I will mention it to Admin on the Yamahardclub.com forum, as I am a Mod type person on there.

It is an idea which was followed up as we realised that there are quite a few people out there who don't much like forums per se, but would probably like to share their activities with others via a website sometimes. Although the site was started by Yamaha RD owners we welcome all who are interested in bikes, although Yams and two strokes especially are probably going to remain the big interest.

Anyway, hope you might join in at some point. My plans are a bit uncertain for this weekend as at the moment we have falling snow!